A few tips on what makes a well-rounded startup founder, based on my own entrepreneurial experience and 25+ investments as an angel investor.

📸: Benjamin Wedemeyer

I co-founded, scaled and sold a business during 2013–2017. It was my first time running a startup, the first time I’d raised investment, the first time hiring staff, and the first time doing pretty much anything properly entrepreneurial. You get the idea. I was new to it all.

It was both the scariest and most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

But I had no educational background in startups or business — in the sense I’d done a (pharmacology) degree completely irrelevant to the (B2C software) startup. …

As we celebrate IWD2021, we hear from stakeholders from across the ATI Boeing Accelerator network.

I am fortunate to work with an incredible team of women — both in our programme and the wider network. Investors, mentors, founders, technologists, industry experts and more: it’s an incredible collective and one I’ve learned a lot from over the last two programmes.

To celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day, the programme team sat down with some of the women in our network to hear their thoughts on women in tech, STEM more broadly, mentor- and allyship, gender parity and equality and a few things in-between.

While you’re here, why not sign up for a (free) ticket to our…

Using data visualisation to look at the programme; from pipeline to process, output to impact.

As the saying goes, “In God we trust, all others must bring data”.

The ATI Boeing Accelerator programme team and I have spent the last 18 months helping hundreds of startups — from all over the world — better communicate data. What makes their product or process unique, where the value is. That all involves storytelling, but without the appropriate data to build that story, you’re at risk of creating a lullaby instead of the next hot bestseller.

Over the same timeframe, we’ve also been working with programme stakeholders, including the Aerospace Technology Institute (and HM Government’s Department for Business…

In the recent ATI Boeing Accelerator ‘Innovation & Investment’ webinar, panellists from the programme, DASA, Boeing and Plyable discussed some of the silver linings from 2020.

The pandemic has been a catalyst for change — both good and bad. At our recent ‘investment and innovation in aerospace’ webinar, it was clear from our panel that, while the aerospace industry has been negatively impacted in the short-term, the longer-term outcomes as a result of the pandemic are very positive. One key win for the industry, and the world more broadly, is an even bigger push in sustainability.

I was joined by Johanna Campion, the ATI Boeing Accelerator’s Venture Partner, Nichola Bates, Boeing Lead for our programme and part of the Boeing Horizon X Global Ventures team, Andrew…

In a recent ‘Innovation & Investment’ webinar with speakers from DASA, Boeing, Plyable and the ATI Boeing Accelerator, we discussed how to make the most of business in 2020.

Like me, you’re probably spending your day working from home — something that many would have considered ‘a treat’ in the past. Now, for many knowledge-workers, setting up to work at your kitchen table — or in an at-home office if you’re fortunate to have one — is the new normal. The ATI Boeing Accelerator team and I have been at it since March. Meetings are replaced with Zoom or Hangouts, events are all online, travel for work or a chat over coffee in an office kitchen seems like a past-time. …

GKN Aerospace’s VP of Strategy, Civil Airframes and Rolls-Royce’s Head of Sustainability share their routes into aerospace, how startups can work with corporates, sustainability and more.

As part of our ‘Ada Lovelace Week’, where we’ve been celebrating women in aerospace and aviation, I got the opportunity to sit down with our Programme Lead at GKN Aerospace, Susan Schofield, VP of Strategy, Civil Airframes — and Rachael Everard, Head of Sustainability at Rolls-Royce (our latest programme partner).

(l-r): GKN Aerospace’s Susan Schofield & Rolls-Royce’s Rachael Everard.

What’s your role within your organisation?

Susan Schofield (SS): I am currently the Vice President of Strategy within our Civil Airframe business division.

I took up the role on January 1 of this year and starting a new role during a global pandemic has certainly provided a unique platform for accelerated learning and development.

Rachael Everard…

The first theme for the ATI Boeing Accelerator’s second cohort

tl;dr — 🛫 Applications for the ATI Boeing Accelerator are now open. Applications close 4th October 2020. We’re looking for world-class startups at seed to series A stage that are building (software-focused) solutions to make aerospace more sustainable. Find out more, apply online or book an Office Hours call.

As you may have seen, we recently opened applications for the second cohort of the ATI Boeing Accelerator.

For our second programme, we’re looking for world-class sustainability startups building (software-focused) solutions that can be used to support the future of the aerospace industry.

Before we continue, let’s quickly explain what I…

Why I believe in Landscape.

tl;dr — I’m really excited to join Joe on the Landscape journey, building what we’re calling ‘Glassdoor for VC’. If you want to find out more or see our deck, drop me an email. Founders, please leave reviews and investors, please become a Verified Partner!

In the spring of 2017, 3(ish) years into my entrepreneurial journey with Chew I was probably at the lowest I’ve ever been*. …

Johanna is Venture Partner at the ATI Boeing Accelerator. As part of our ongoing effort to profile stakeholders involved in the programme, I recently sat down with her to discover what her cross-sector experience can bring to aerospace, learnings from her time as an angel investor/ startup advisor and her recommendations for founders during COVID-19.

Prior to working with the programme team and I, Johanna spent 25 years in investment banking providing strategic advice on mergers and acquisitions, IPOs and other capital raising with a particular focus on media and telecom.

After leaving banking in 2015, she moved into angel…

Fundraising tips from some of the ATI Boeing Accelerator’s portfolio.

tl;dr — some of the ABA startups share their investment experience. Their advice: leverage your network, and then do your due diligence, to find suitable investors for you and look for good personal relationships with prospective investors. Want to chat about investment? Let’s connect!

It’s no secret that raising investment is a challenge. It’s a resource-intensive (and exhausting) process, and not every startup that attempts the journey survives it. During my time as a founder, I found fundraising to be an intense, but rewarding, journey. …

Wil Benton

Co-founder & Partner, Metta - supporting startups, industry and governments with sustainable technology-driven innovation.

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