It’s been a whirlwind eighteen months working on Chew.

When Ben and I launched the platform during our time on Ignite early last year, I’m not sure either of us knew how the story would play out.

Today, Chew is now a small team of passionate, dedicated people sharing our vision of connecting the world’s DJs, music producers and personalities with an engaged global fanbase.

We’ve welcomed nearly 30,000 users to the platform — creators who’ve shared over three years’ worth of content to an audience in 190+ countries, who’ve consumed over 25 years’ worth of content and posted a quarter of a million chat messages along the way.

It really has been a whirlwind eighteen months working on Chew.

But today, things are going to get even more exciting. We are delighted to announce we are in the process of integrating Mixify’s community, our closest (and largest) competitor, into Chew’s.

Over the last few months, we’ve been in discussions with Mixify founder and CEO David Moricca about the possibility of combining both of our communities. David and the LA-based Mixify team have been focusing on a new product in a slightly different space (more on that below) and, as such, were looking for a team to support their incredibly passionate userbase (while allowing the Mixify team to focus on ClubcastLIVE).

David goes into some detail about how the next month or so will work in his update to the Mixify users below, but we’ll be bringing you up to speed as things progress over the coming weeks. We’re incredibly excited to be working with David and the team as we transition the Mixify users to Chew and are really pleased to be able to continue building towards the vision they set out when Mixify launched in 2012.

Greetings Mixify Community/Extended Family. I wanted you to be the first to know some exciting news regarding Mixify. As of today, Mixify is joining the Chew family.

Over the last several months, the Mixify team has been chatting with Wil Benton and the Chew squad about ways to join forces. I have been so impressed with Chew’s product roadmap and commitment to the DJ community that this marriage made perfect sense.

As you know, over the last 18 months, our development and customer team has become increasingly occupied with developing our ClubcastLIVE solution and building out our customer relationships across multiple verticals (mostly non-music). During that time, we have not been able to support what I feel is one of the best online communities I have seen and naturally you guys have become frustrated with the lack of progress on our end. We understand the concerns and have been working hard to find a good home with a similar vision for such an amazing user community. That home is

In practical terms, we will be keeping live during August as the community transition happens. All tip payout requests will be honored during that time, as will monthly subscriptions. Annual subscribers will be reimbursed for the time remaining on their subscription (though you can change your plan to a monthly now if that is easier). We’ll be reaching out to both communities in the coming days and weeks to give you guys more information about what happens next. If you have any immediate queries, please comment below or email!

To celebrate both communities and the new relationship between Chew and Mixify, we would like to invite the Mixify Extended Family/Community to join a partnership digital festival on Chew later this fall. If interested, please post in the comments below and our friends at Chew will start organizing.

Let me again say thank you for helping us bring our vision to life and for establishing such a supportive user community. I appreciate the patience you have provided over the last several months and look forward to seeing the community grow better and stronger at Chew!

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